"Yes, they are something very special indeed even in the abundant Berlin scene of avant-garde soundfreaks."
Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin


"Pulsing colours of rich sound-painting freely created in the spirit of the ancient rock paintings...'Rain in the Desert' is one of the most beautiful sound sculptures; the ancient sound of the didjeridoo merge with computer sounds, wind machines and meditative guitar chords."
Berliner Zeitung


"Frill Neck ......play Jazz, New Age, and World Music. 'Big Fat Hans' has blues and groove elements, 'Rain in the Desert' is a very exotic sound sculpture, perhaps the quintessence of ancient Australia and 'Dance' really dances... References to landscape, distance and eternity suggest themselves."
Jazz Podium

"An extremely successful mixture of traditional 'Aboriginal' didjeridoo playing and contemporary Anglo-American Pop. Playfully swinging between these two poles and yet reaching a compact unity - absolutely convincing."
ZITTY, Berlin


Armed with the riches of diverse musical stylesand disciplines, on stage Frill Neck offers an extraordinary experience. Frill Neck create musical events of monumental and monstrous dimensions.


With unusual combinations of instruments the Australian duo FRILL NECK take their audience on a journey through the past, present into the future. Inspired by ancient Australian cultures and the contemporary Avantgarde of the post-industrial inner-city, the music is diverse and dynamic.